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Yesterday Inc, Digital and Talent Management was founded by Kristen MacLellan as an avenue to expand on the ever-growing Influencer Marketing space in Canada. Having worked hand in hand with a group of the country’s most diverse and exceptional digital talent, Yesterday was formed with authenticity as the driving force. 

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Madison Boratto, Account Manager

Kristen is a joy to work with! I’ve had opportunity to work with her across several projects, and she always brings a sense of collaboration and dedication to everything she touches. She also always goes the extra mile for her campaigns, while still delivering on time and within budget. More importantly the client feedback on the work we’ve collaborated on has been absolutely stellar, and a happy client speaks volume to her hard work. 5-Stars!


Natalie Gardner,  Account Manager

Over the past few years, I've worked with Kristen on a number of influencer marketing programs for large scale international brands. Her easy-going yet driven nature has made every program run seamlessly and successfully. Kristen is fantastic at balancing both the talent and the brand's best interests which always makes for an enjoyable experience.  She has been a joy to work with and I have no doubt that she'll rise in her latest venture by bringing her unique skillset to the table.


Kate Oyston, Account Manager

Kristen is a fantastic collaborator; whether it’s proactively sharing opportunities for my clients, helping cast content creators for a program or just day-to-day partnership management, I always appreciate her support and insight. She’s quick to respond or jump in to solve a problem. On top of that, she’s very friendly and a pleasure to work with!

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Rebecca Krauss, 

Counsellor, Digital Strategy

Kristen is a highly polished and professional talent manager with a deep understanding of the influencer marketing industry and an ability to seamlessly navigate the relationship between talent, agency, and brand. She is reliable, collaborative, and a delight to work with!


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