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Yesterday Inc, Digital and Talent Management was founded by Kristen MacLellan as an avenue to expand on the ever-growing Influencer Marketing space in Canada. Having worked hand in hand with a group of the country’s most diverse and exceptional digital talent, Yesterday was formed with authenticity as the driving force. 


Yesterday is built on the pillars that created this industry that now dominates both our online and real world decision making. Digital creators, or ‘Influencers,’ did not originate as an avenue for marketing but instead as a passion project or space to connect. Yesterday’s aim is to bring this back and showcase the influence of real people being themselves and creating communities that feel good, plain and simple. 


With making a real community impact in mind, the secondary pillar of Yesterday focuses on digital social media strategy for non-profit organizations. Yesterday works with these organizations to showcase the charitable potential of social platforms.


Fashion, music, world events, people, and life experiences from our past all shape today. As yesterday has shaped the present, Yesterday’s talent will influence the future. 

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